• So what is Fund Your iCB

    A New Approach To Residual Income
    By Helping Members Earn Their Monthly Expenses

    If you do not have to reach into your pocket month after month...
    While learning how to build your downline
    You Are More Willing To Stay The Course

    As one of the team leaders, I know firsthand what happens within the first two months.
    If a member has not sponsored anyone they quit trying and leave the program.

    What we want to do here if give you the ablility to earn your monthly costs so you can stay the course until you learn how to promote and get new members in your downline.

    We developed this referral system to take the hard work out of promoting and building a downline, while making it simple and straightforward for members to make money several ways in a short period of time -- with little effort.

    • Capture your prospect's attention with an intriguing new script that network marketers will jump on to join!
    • Earn $5 for each member placed in your downline either by you, your sponsor or the system until your referral base is full
    • Receive $100 residual commission month after month to cover the cost of this feeder training system and iCB
    • Learn the steps needed to insure you and your downline's success
    • This is not a get rich scheme here. We train you and pay you to stay the course until you become a top marketer.

    Ever Been In A Referral Program That Stalled?
    That's NOT Going To Happen Here Because We've Taken Measures Against That!

    Our unique Referral Program keeps working continually to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits month after month. With program longevity planned in advance, and stealth tactics included in our compensation plan, FundYourICB is formulated to continue to grow and prosper over time.

    Here's how our program works:

    Purchase Ongoing Marketing Training $10.99 Per month

    When the member purchases the market training, they receive $5 to their account, for each member placed in their downline who also purchases the training

    Once the Referral Program is completed, the member has received $100 to pay the monthly cost of fundyouricb and iCB plus enough to purchase leads. And still have profits to put in their pocket.

      Our program offers the following benefits

    • Perfect solution for team joins to create instant commissions
    • Two tier referral program combination... Yes, you do get spillover!
    • Build your business in a 4 across 2 tier referral program
    • Very affordable $10.99 monthly training cost to grow your downline
    • $100 residual commissions once your referral program is complete with only 20 members to do so.
    • Continued training in marketing so you can succeed if you implement the training giving
    • A simple 4 get 4 and pay no more referral program.
    • Nice suite of marketing emails and graphics to use in your promotions.
    • Full statistical reports of your downline, their name, and commissions owing, and paid.
    • Full support 24/7 365 days of the year.

    Are you starting to see just why our program is quickly becoming so popular? It's because our members are active promoters who aren't afraid of making extra money online. In fact, the rewards are so good at FundYourICB, you simply need to sign up to see them for yourself!

    Now it's time to take the most important step and click the button below to complete the signup form. We can tell you now that we've made it very affordable for everyone that sees this offer to signup immediately without breaking the bank!

    *ALL For Just $10.99*

    So what are you waiting for? Jump on the learning train & get going now!

    There's no time like the present to get started, and the sooner you do... the sooner you'll be able to promote and start making some extra money! If ever there was a good time to join a program that's really going to go places, like up through the roof like a skyrocket, then NOW is that time.

    Click the link below to get started immediately!

    We look forward to welcoming you in the member's area!

    William Kayser

    PS. When we were in the planning stages of creating this program, we had a strategizing session that figured out how many people needed to join before we increased the price... This has worked out better than we expected because we're are not going to increase the price

    If you'd like to see your slice of the pie in your online payment account before the end of the month, then scroll up and click that Get Started link now! It'll be the best move you've ever made to secure your financial future. (Probably the most fun you'll have as well!)