• Q. What is FundYourICB?
    a. FundYourICB is a business-building program created by a group of Independent Business Owners to help others - newcomers to the industry and veterans alike - leverage a few dollars and a few hours to achieve long-lasting financial success. The objective is to enable anyone to use a simple System that informs, educates, inspires and builds a long-lasting Residual Income.

    Q. What is the cost of FundYourICB membership?
    a. The FundYourICB monthly Membership is only $10.99.

    Q. Does FundYourICB promote any income programs outside of i-Club BIZ?
    a. iCB is the Only Business Opportunity we have chosen to promote and help members with training and marketing.

    Q. Is FundYourICB a 'feeder' program for iCB?
    a. Yes, in a way, FundYouriCB can be considered as a 'feeder' for iCB, but in many ways, it is more than that! It is an automated business-building platform with a Lead Capture & List Building system It is a Training (ongoing) & Education platform with an affiliate plan to generate Cash Flow for the members.

    Q. What are the benefits of my FundYourICB Membership?
    a. Your FundYourICB Membership is valuable in several ways :

    1. You have an automated business-building system that makes your work or introducing others to FundYourICB easy. The System has several Lead Capture Pages (to capture your prospects' details such as name and email) plus an Auto-responder process that does the follow-up on your behalf.

    2. FundYourICB is an Education Platform that helps 'educate' your prospects on the basics of the Network Marketing business model and prepares them to come in with a clear understanding of HOW this business model works and HOW they can use this knowledge to grow their teams and income. Now you don't have to try to 'educate' everyone you invite. You only need to provide a supporting role.

    3. FundYourICB helps you build the FUNDS you need to cover the expenses associated with your ACTIVE membership (such as for the purchase of products of your choice). It also provides the funds to help you generate the funds you need for advertising & promotion.

    Q. Can I become a member of FundYourICB if I reside outside the USA or Canada?
    a. Yes but in some cases you will only be able to buy the digital products from iCB

    Q. In order to earn Affiliate Commissions, do I have to refer others?
    a. FundYourICB does not have any sponsoring qualifications. You can earn affiliate commissions (if you have members in your 2-level affiliate downline) even if you do not sponsor anyone. In order to qualify for commissions in iCB you do need to have TWO personal Referrals (one on each side).

    Q. What is the benefit of referring others to FundYourICB?
    a. The main benefits of referring others to FundYourICB are :

    1. You help your FundYourICB Team grow.

    2. By helping your FundYourICB team grow, you will be helping your iCB team grow thereby accelerating the growth of your incomes.

    3. Your personals will follow you into iCB and you will be earning Fast Start Bonus/Bi-nary BV from all your personal referrals purchases.

    Q. Does FundYourICB accept Credit Cards?
    a. Yes, we accept credit card payments processed through PayPal.

    Q. How are commissions paid?
    a. Commission are paid within 7 business days of withdrawal request. Funds are placed into your iCB ewallet.

    Q. Does FundYourICB allow multiple membership positions?
    a. No, FundYourICB does NOT allow the activation of more than one account per member.