• How It Works

    FundYouriCB is a training system to help you build a list, build a downline
    and earn commissions while you learn about marketing.

    This is not a system to make money with but rather a training platform
    that helps you cover the cost of marketing while you learn and implement
    the training you learn here.

    We have given you some marketing tools that you can use to build a list with.
    Every marketer needs a list of prospects they can market to in the future. So
    we wanted to help you with this.

    We have also added a member's training area with over 200 training videos in:

    Affiliate Marketing
    Product Creation
    Social Media
    And Video Production and SEO

    Plus more training is being added each month.

    The purpose for fundyouricb after providing members with training is to
    introduce them to the iClubBiz Purchasing Club home business system.

    Through fundyouricb you will be building a downline in iCB using our market training and software.
    The software is designed to set up a referral program as members purchase the monthly training package
    at $10.99 per month. Our referral program pays its members for training packages sold each month.

    It works like this:

    A new member joins fundyouricb and purchases the monthly training package for $10.99, that member
    is placed in the referral program in the next open spot. Any member that is placed under you will
    earn you $5 per month for as long as they are purchasing the monthly training package.

    One thing that sets us apart here is that you earn from members placed below you even if you did not personally sponsor them.
    And those you do sponsor are always linked to you when they join iClubBiz through our system.

    Personal Sponsoring: Each member has 20 positions under them. Every training package sold by you to a referral will be place
    in one of your open spots until the 20 positions are filled. After that they will go to your referrals
    to help them earn as well. They are forever linked to you so you are credited when they join icb through our system.

    If you have more Questions please check the FAQ and if still not answered you can always contact us through our support system.