• 'Leverage' is the Key to Building Wealth!

    Discover how the Power of Leverage sets Network Marketing business apart from traditional business and how it allows individuals to live the lifestyle of their choice.

    You will see HOW iClubBiz can allow you to Leverage the Time, Energy, Effort and Production of an UNLIMITED number of people as your network grows worldwide!

    There are only 24 hours in any given day! And no matter how talented you are or how much money you get paid for every hour that you work, if you do not take advantage of Leverage, whatever you can do or achieve will always be limited by the number of hours available in a day.

    The concept of Leveraging is important in any business endeavor. The two most popular means of leveraging is that of TIME and MONEY.

    MONEY - There are several ways you can let the power of leverage return more to you even when you do not work more. You can use Leverage by borrowing money - OPM: Other People's Money - to use as capital to start a business venture; you can use Leverage in the stock market or in commodities futures trading.

    TIME - You can leverage your Time by getting others to sell your product so that the process is not tied to the hours you have available; you can outsource minor or lower level tasks to others OR...you can join a viable Network Marketing venture such as iClubBiz.

    Every successful person or business takes advantage of leverage. Learning to leverage TIME is an important step toward gaining Financial Independence and Time Freedom.

    The Power Of Leverage In Network Marketing

    Though the force of leverage is applied to almost every aspect of your life, it is only through network marketing that you get the most out of it.

    In the Network Marketing Industry, through the power of leverage, you can be compensated on the 'efforts' of hundreds or thousands of people! When you offer good Value andSolutions in exchange, you can tap into and leverage other people's time, talents, energy, education and enthusiasm.

    When you first join a Network Marketing company to start your own new micro-enterprise, you are starting with just YOU. You are the boss and you are at the apex of your future team. At this point any results you get and any money you earn are from your efforts only. That can change very quickly and in a very dramatic fashion.

    As you add your effort to building your network by sharing Value and Solutions, you will be employing the 'efforts' of others and by helping them become successful - if that is what they are looking for - you can be able to achieve your own goals and experience true financial freedom - if that is what you want - through TIME LEVERAGE.

    With leverage, you can turn your own personal input of Time into thousands of hours. Let's illustrate that point with a quick example:

    You have decided to devote 5 hours a week to building your business and using a great System - such as FYICB - to refer others and duplicate your efforts, you manage to refer ten new team members to your organization. If each of these members are also devoting just 5 hours to build their business, you would have 55 hours a week going into generating an income - leveraged - for you while you are still working only 5 hours.

    Now, if your ten team members each refer ten other members, you would have a total of 100 members each devoting just 5 hours a week to building their business...you would have 505 man-hours a week going into generating an income for you and you are still devoting only 5 hours a week yourself.

    Over a period of Time, as team members duplicate your efforts and with the 'Compounding effect' coming into play, you may end up having 1,000. 5,000 or even 10,000 people in your network. If, let's say, each of them is devoting just the 5 hours a week, you would have many thousands of man-hours a week going into generating an income for you. THAT is the unique power and essence of Leverage at work!

    This is not a myth. Leveraged Income is very REAL! Are you seeing how powerful it can be? Do you see how you can be getting paid while you are sleeping, on vacation, playing golf or spending time with your family? With Leverage on your side, you have other people on your team who are working to build their own teams which are a part of your team!

    That is one of the many advantages of leveraging your time, and is just one of many reasons so many high income professionals from all walks of life are flocking to get involved in Network Marketing.

    With a marketer-friendly plan such as the iClubBiz Compensation Plan (with the powerful concepts of Compounding and Leverage included in the plan) you can be generating Residual Income from the efforts of thousands upon thousands of people!

    This principle allows people to live the lifestyle they choose; they can work whenever they want to and they can decide how much effort they will put into it. They get paid even on vacation! In this industry, you get to enjoy both time freedom and financial freedom at the same time.

    So What Is It Going To Be For You?

    Are you going to continue working HARD trying to generate income all by lonesome yourself OR are you going to join us so you can work SMART by leveraging your time helping others become successful?

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